Daniel Earl Nickle and Lena Marie Augusta Dahlman

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Recent Additions to the Site

Added 8 Feb 2015:

Lorene Isabelle Nickle (1922-2001), Funeral Transcript

Added 14 Aug 2011:

Gladys Helen Nickle (1919-2008), Funeral Program

Added 18 Jul 2011:

Norma JoAn Nickle (1930-2011), Headstone

Added 6 Jun 2011:

Norma JoAn Nickle (1930-2011) updated
Norma JoAn Nickle (1930-2011), Obituary added
Norma JoAn Nickle (1930-2011), Funeral Program added

Added 22 May 2011:

Betty Jean Nickle (1928-2009) Letter, 1963 06, "Mama Loves You"

Added 21 Mar 2011:

Updated information for Nora Jane Nickle (1924-1974)

Added 20 Jun 2010:

Eliza Elma Jackson (1850-1917), Poem to Her Sick Twins

Added 19 Jun 2010:

New photo for LeRoy Earl Nickle (1926-1931)

Added 5 Sep 2009:

Updated Betty Jean Nickle (1928-2009)
Added Betty Jean Nickle (1928-2009), Tributes from Her Children

Added 16 Feb 2009:

New page added for Robbie "Jean" Gray (1931-2008)

Added 27 Jul 2008:

New page added for Henrietta Reinecke (1822-1886)
New page added for Friedrich August Lehn (1850-1932)

Added 22 Jun 2008:

Updated Gladys Helen Nickle (1919-2008)
Obituary added for Gladys Helen Nickle (1919-2008)

Added 7 Apr 2008:

Possible photograph of Emma Jane Nickle (left) and Elma Euphama Nickle (right).

Added 10 Mar 2008:

Photo added for William Speer Nickle (1852/3-1914)
Photo added for Harriet Lamphere

Added 13 Jan 2008:

New page added for Lucy Brown (1821-1885)
Biographical and Research Summary added for Lucy Brown

Added 17 Dec 2007:

"Well-Known Citizens of the County: Daniel D. Nickle, Nickleville"

Added 14 Dec 2007:

New photo added for Daniel Dobbin Nickle (1818-1909)
New photo added for George Singery Nickle (1846-1907)
New page added for Sarah Jane Houser (1849-1945)
New page of additional photographs added for George and Sarah

Added 3 Jun 2007:

New page added for Albert John Dahlman (1890-1962)

Added 23 May 2007:

New page added for Eunice Dama (or Damey) Brown (1825-1912)
F. Duane Lindsey, Biographical and Research Summary

Added 19 Mar 2007:

New page added for William Speer Nickle (1852/3-1914)
New photo added for John Nickle (1816-1875) and Orilla Brown (1823-1878)
New photo added for Mary Jane Nickle (1846-1877) and Joseph Teghtmeyer family
New photo added for Teghtmeyer children, ca 1881-1882

Added 18 Mar 2007:

Added Family Letter to Wilson Nickle (1811-1881), Posted 2 July 1841
New page added for William Nickle (1807-1884)
Added carte de visite of Mary (or Polly) Nickle (1820-1887)

Added 11 Mar 2007:

New page added for Arthur Herman Dahlman (1898-1965)
New page added for Leo Paul Dahlman (1928-2007)

Added 10 Mar 2007:

New page added for Heinrich Ferdinand Dahlmann (1815-1889)
New page added for Johanna Fritz (1812-1895)

Added 6 Mar 2007:

New page added for Rachel Nickle (1842-1916)

Added 4 Mar 2007:

Updated page and added photos for James Jacob Sullivan Nickle (1870-1947)
Photo added of a young Thomas Preston Nickle (1878-1967)
Photo added of a young Phoebe Emma Jane Nickle (1883-1956)
Photo added of a young Nora Estella Nickle (1888-1970)
Updated page and added photo for David Pirl Nickle (1890-1976)

Added 15 Jan 2007:

New page for John Nickle (1816-1875)]
New page for Orilla Brown (1823-1878)
New page for Mary Jane Nickle (1846-1877)