Betty Jean Nickle Turley (1928-2009)

Tributes from Her Children

Prepared in September 2009 to Commemorate the Anniversary of Her Birth

Stephanie's Tribute

September 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

I feel like my whole life is compiled from uplifting experiences shared with Mom.  She was always there for me, encouraging me to be strong, faithful and charitable.

I remember as a child mom always serving others and she instilled in me that quality, though I have taken it almost to a fault having the desire to help anyone and everyone.  When I have taken offense over someone’s actions, Mom always encouraged me to write my frustrations on a piece of paper, get it all out, then take that paper and tear it up and throw it away. 

Mom could tell from my voice if everything wasn’t right.  Rather than pressure me to tell her what was going on, she spoke words of encouragement to cheer me up.  Often times my sadness or fears were from lack of sleep and she would tell me to get rest and that all would be well in the morning.  In fact, just this week I was in one of those states and I called for Mom.  I felt her telling me to just go to sleep and all would be well in the morning, and sure enough it was!

Mom loved the scriptures and even to the end she would read them faithfully to know what the Lord desired of her.  This dedication helps me each day.

Perhaps one of the greatest things about Mom was her ability to cheer and uplift others.  She instilled in my children self-worth, comfort in knowing she loved them and saw them as wonderful as they could possibly be.

Mom loved me, encouraged me, blessed me, taught me, smiled at me, laughed with me, understood me and helped mold me into who I am today and who I will yet become because of her love.


Teri's Tribute

Our Mother, Betty Jean Nickle Turley, is and will always be the most loved person I know. Everybody loved her. She was always there willing to help in anyway. She reached a point where physically she couldn’t do much, but everyone was always on her mind and in her prayers. I go through the day now thinking that something is supposed to happen, and then I realize I’m just missing Mom’s daily phone call. That’s when I stop and reflect and sometimes speak to her. Maybe she hears me, or more likely she’s watching over dad, but I always feel her close. I think about what she would want me to do even at age 51.

I have so many memories of her that it is hard to choose which one to share, so here are a few. Mom always hated it when we would fight. Even if we were just teasing each other, it would break her heart. That was one way we knew she loved us. She would always try to make everything with her children split amongst us equally. All her care, affection, attention, and gifts and what ever, all had to equal. She did not have favorites. She loved us all the same. Most people don’t believe that’s possible, but she made sure of it.

Mom was a great example to all of us. She loved her Husband, our Father, with all her heart. It showed. She was always doing things for neighbors and family members. She was always in the service of others. Having all of us kids around did not make it easy, but she was still able to do for others. She loved teaching and talking in church. I loved making her visual aids for her, even as a child. I know they looked like a kid did it, but that was her way of teaching us that we too could serve.

One memory that I have that always sticks in my mind, was when I was sick with pneumonia and at this time knew that angels had wings because all the pictures showed them with wings. Anyway, Mom never left my side for very long she lay on the bed with me for days. I was very comforted knowing she was there and loved me. I remember dreaming of the angels and hearing them sing to me and realizing that they didn’t have wings. I can actually still see them in my mind as if it happened yesterday. When I awoke and told mom the angels were singing to me, and that they didn’t have wings, she looked very scared. She soon realized that the fever had broken and I was going to be okay.

I miss her very much but know that she is happy working and visiting her family and friends. She is doing missionary work too, because she loved the scriptures and loved to share them. I appreciate her example in all she has done for me. I’m proud when people say I remind them of her. Love you Mom!!!!