Daniel Dobbin Nickle, from "Well-Known Citizens of the County," Franklin
Evening News,
9 Dec 1909, courtesy of Helen Myers Ray and Ruth McCord.

Born: 15 Apr 1818
Place: Curtains Furnace, Centre, Pennsylvania
Died: 24 Dec 1909
Place: Nickleville, Venango, Pennsylvania
Place: Nickleville Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Wife: Mary Ann Myers (1827-1885)
Child 1: George Singery Nickle (1846-1907)
Child 2: Eleanor Burns Nickle (b. 1849)
Child 3: Hannah Jane Nickle (b. 1851)
Child 4: William McCurdy Nickle (b. 1853)
Child 5: Oliver Hazzard Nickle (1855-1943)
Child 6: Sylvester Nickle (b. 1857)
Child 7: Henry Francis Nickle
Child 8: Solomon Myers Nickle

Biographical Information:
"Well-Known Citizens of the County: Daniel D. Nickle, Nickleville"
From Ira C. Nickle Jr., "Nickle-Auld-Brown-Burchett-Brown-Petzold"

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